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Wood Species Used In RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood is considered superior to all other manufacturing materials when referring to kitchen cabinets and furniture. At TheRTASTore.com, we offer cabinets that are constructed of only solid wood and plywood, and all of our cabinet fronts are solid wood. We have various species of wood available, each with its own distinguishing characteristics. Listed below are the woods we have available and what makes them ideal for kitchen cabinet construction:

Bamboo Wood
Technically, bamboo is not a wood, it is a woody grass, but it has been used as a building material in Asia for an extremely long time. In the U.S., bamboo is used in several products, like flooring and RTA kitchen cabinets. Here are some characteristics of bamboo:

  • Appearance. Bamboo lumber is pale brown, yellow or white in color. Since it is not technically a  wood, bamboo does not have growth rings.
  • Durability. Bamboo is one of the strongest woods available, and forming it into planks for kitchen cabinets only makes it stronger. Bamboo is also naturally water resistant.
  • Additional Information. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, most renewable wood plants in the world. It only takes a year for bamboo to reach its full height of 25 feet.
Birch Wood
Birch is one of the more popular woods used in furniture and kitchen cabinets, because of its uniformity. Here are some characteristics of birch lumber:
  • Appearance: Raw, unfinished birch is pale brown to nearly white in color.
  • Durability: Birch is hard and strong and an excellent choice for kitchen cabinetry, but if left to the elements, raw birch will quickly rot and is susceptible to insect attack.
  • Additional Information: Birch is also commonly found in plywood and wood veneer and is one of the most popular ornamental woods on the market.

Cherry Wood
As the name suggests, domestic cherry lumber comes the same trees that bear the fruit. Listed below are the basic characteristics of cherry wood:
  • Appearance: Cherry is reddish brown to golden brown. Unfinished cherry becomes darker when exposed to light.
  • Durability: Though not the hardest of the hardwoods, cherry is very durable and resistant to decay. It can be smooth as glass when sanded.
  • Additional Information: Cherry is one of the most popular woods for cabinetmaking.

Hickory Wood
Hickory is a popular wood for cooking as well as building furniture. Here are some features of hickory wood:
  • Appearance: Unfinished hickory can range from light brown with a reddish hue to pale yellow in color.
  • Durability: Hickory is one of the hardest, strongest woods that grows in the United States; it is even harder than oak and maple.
  • Additional Information: When used for cooking, hickory imparts a smoky flavor to the meat, and most bacon is hickory smoked before it is packaged.

Maple Wood
Like, cherry, maple hardwood comes from a food-producing tree. The sugar maple is used to produce maple syrup as well as provide wood for furniture and RTA cabinets. Here are some of the features of maple lumber:
  • Appearance: Unfinished maple is off-white or cream in color, but if the inner part of the tree is used (the heartwood) it will be dark reddish brown.
  • Durability: Hard maple is heavy, strong and resistant to wear and tear, which is why it is the wood of choice for bowling alleys and basketball courts.
  • Additional Information: Maple is also the choice wood for cutting boards. Beyond being very durable, it is odorless and tasteless, so no wood flavor is transferred to the food.

Oak Wood
Oak is one of the most well-known woods used in furniture and kitchen cabinet construction. Listed below are the basic characteristics of oak lumber:
  • Appearance: There are two types of oak, red and white. The grain pattern is very similar for both. However, red oak has a slightly red hue, and white oak is pale yellow or white.
  • Durability: Oak most-readily comes to mind when thinking of durable hardwoods, and for good reason. It is very hard and strong and reasonably priced, so it provides good value to woodworkers and homeowners alike.
  • Additional Information: White oak is considered to be the superior to red oak for furniture and kitchen cabinets because it finishes out (stains) more evenly and provides soft color and texturing.

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