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If you are looking for a sleek ultra modern euro-style feel to your home where value goes easy on your wallet, then IKEA might just be your choice of brand. IKEA provides a plethora of products ranging from Adult and Kid Bedroom furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Entertainments Centers and more. We stand behind IKEA products and our technicians are experienced and very acclimated with the assembly and Installation of the IKEA brand!

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IKEA uses hardware made by German manufacturer BLUM for the hinges, drawer runners, and lift systems that create emotion and enhance user convenience in the kitchen allowing cabinets and drawers to open with ease, close softly and effortlessly, and make workflow and everyday kitchen use easier. If you buy top of the line custom cabinets, chances are pretty good that you will find BLUM hardware inside. If you are looking for a designer kitchen on a budget, IKEA kitchens are a good place to start.

What we really like about IKEA Entertainment Centers is that they are totally modular. This means that you can customize your IKEA ET Center anyway you deem necessary to complement your pallet of taste. Also if you happen to grow out of it and feel that it needs a change just add a few more new pieces and change it up, "Voila" you now have a completely different and new IKEA ET Center without the need to scrap the old one, It's completely upgradable! Need help with the measurements and design? Never fear, we are here to help. Simply reach out to us and we can schedule an appointment.

IKEA does it best by making their product assembly as simple as it can be for the customer but some of us are not born with the mechanical aptitude or simply put, does not have the time in their lifestyle to stare at instructions the entire day right! Don't let the assembly of your IKEA purchase weigh on you like an elephant, leave it to us, we love eating elephants, one piece at a time is how we methodically do it!

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